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  • The necessity and training of using a tourniquetTourniquets weigh less than a pound. Medical experts say a tourniquet can stay on for as long as two to two-and-a-half hours without causing any longterm damage.When it comes to care about for solutions to avoid mass murder by accident , this need to b


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  • The introduction of first aid bagsWhen your selecting a first aid container to store your first aid supplies in, it's important to think about how and where you may need to access those supplies. Selecting a backpack, fanny pack or first aid pouch to hold your first aid


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  • Band-aid introductionMaterial of the Band-aid: PE plastic waterproof materialSpecifications of the Band-aid: 72*19mm (1.9cm wide, 7.2cm long)Advantage of the Band-aidBand-Aid can suppress hemostasis, protect wounds, prevent infection and promote healing. At the same time, it has the advantages of sm


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  • How to use the stretchers to carry casualtiesA stretcher is an apparatus used for moving patients who require medical care. A basic type must be carried by two or more people. Stretchers are primarily used in acute out-of-hospital care situations by emergency medical services (EMS), military, and se


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  • Do you know the steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation?You may not have experienced cardiopulmonary resuscitation in person, but you must have a certain understanding of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the hospital or through television. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure


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  • Do you know why Internet medical care is becoming more and more popular?In the Internet age, the Internet has become very popular, and we can do many things through the network in daily life, such as entertainment and communication. Shopping, etc. But in fact, the network can not only provide us wit


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  • September purchase discount


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  • Head immobilizeIn special cases, any part of our body is easily injured, whether it is the arm or the leg, severe trauma can endanger life. The head is undoubtedly one of the areas that are easily injured, and even the trauma of the head is more serious than the trauma of other parts. Therefore, we


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  • How to use POLOPA medical first aid kits to reduce injuries?The life-threatening dangers caused by car accidents have always been scary. Many people have been injured or even lost their lives in car accidents. In fact, there is no way to do it at the time of the accident. You can also take some firs


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  • What is types and characteristics of the blood pressure monitor?The blood pressure detector is a very common device in modern medical equipment. It is very effective for monitoring the blood pressure of the human body. Currently, electronic blood pressure monitors can be used for clinical monitoring


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