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free sample medical adhesive surgical Wound skin closure strips
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free sample medical adhesive surgical Wound skin closure strips

After surgery, medical adhesive tapes give sustained enough pressure to the wound in 3-6 months, allowing granulation tissue to grow orderly; let the orderly production; Avoiding abnormal hyperplasia of granulation tissue and reducing scar formation.

  • CR-WSC01

Features of free sample medical adhesive surgical Wound skin closure strips:

1.Portable and light for domiciliary treatment;

2.Easy for cleaning;

Applications of surgical wound skin closure:

1. For closure of emergency surgery wounds.

2. For closure of general surgery wounds.

3. For closure of gynecologic surgery wound such as caesarean section surgery wound. .

4. For wound care after immediate suture or stitch removal.

free sample wound skin closure strips.jpg

Instructions:free sample medical wound skin closure.jpg

1.Clean the wound completely with saline, selecting appropriate specifications of the steri-strip according to the size of the wound;

2.When pasting the steri-strip, hand the wound up slightly, then stick the wound  from central to vertical direction;

3.Since the wound on both ends of the paste in turn, avoiding the wound dehiscence, and then paste the sites were not a good stick;

4.Don’t leave gaps between the tape;

5.Seal the wound smoothly and replace new one about 3 to 4 days, and adhere to tape 3 to 6 months;

6.After the wound paste, you can paste transparent dressing or hydrocolloid dressing on the wound to do waterproof treatment so that the patient can take a shower.


CM wound skin closures strip are made of non-woven, rayon-backed material reinforced with fliaments for strength coated with Hypoallergenic adhesive. Provides wound support and assists in increasing the tensile strength of the wound.


1. Clean the wound with saline water and dry the wound area.

2. Stick the wound skin closure to the wound vertically from the middle of the wound.

3. Apply the wound skin closure from the two ends of the wound to the middle part to avoid wound opening.

4. Stick to the rest parts of wound. .

Structure: Composed by a special non-woven materials containing reinforcing wire, medical pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper.

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