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easy cleaning individual tactical field emergency bag
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easy cleaning individual tactical field emergency bag

tactical field emergency bag is hot for sale! As the tactical field kit manufacturer,our tactical field kit is relatively large, so basically can hold all your small first-aid products in some outdoor activities

  • CR-Q53

Features of easy cleaning individual tactical field emergency bag:

1.Characters of water-proof, dust-proof, quake-proof;

2.Portable and light for domiciliary treatment;

3.Easy for cleaning;

4.Made of green and nontoxic materials.


Applications of  tactical field emergency bag:

1.Widely used in families, ambulances, first-aid places, large public places, etc.;

2.Commonly used in cars, large and medium-sized vehicles,tourism teams.

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emergency bag is very cool, the first outside is Oxford materials, waterproof super good, in addition to the outer zipper and bag around the fluorescent strip lights, convenient conditions for the goods accurately find the needs of emergency. field emergency bag is the most powerful place is packed on both sides of individual emergency bag can take off and get down by hand, hidden inside a few small packets, convenient assembly and some of the items in military first aid surgical kit after the plug, the interlayer is very much, can hold a large number of small. The zipper is very strong, and the handle is portable

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