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Why do you choose an emergency blanket
Home » News » First aid devices » Why do you choose an emergency blanket

Why do you choose an emergency blanket

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The emergency blanket is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that you can use at home or outdoors. Next is a detailed introduction to the emergency blanket.

emergency blanket

Introduction of emergency blanket

The use of emergency blankets in emergencies, sometimes referred to as emergency blankets, space blankets, polyester films, heat packs or weatherproof blankets, has the effect of reducing heat radiation, water evaporation and heat loss from convection. The emergency blanket is usually made of foil or aluminum film. It is divided into double-sided gold, double-sided silver and two-sided gold and silver. It has the function of keeping warm, cold and sunscreen. Many people think that the emergency blanket is not used often, so there is no need to prepare it, and it wastes space in the bag. But this is a versatile first aid item that can provide many functions.

Effect of emergency blanket


When you are buried in the field, the emergency blanket is wrapped around the body and its reflections can be used to help rescuers find the target.


Under the scorching sun, putting a emergency blanket on your body protects your body from direct sunlight.

Keeping warm

Wrap your emergency blanket around your body in cold weather and reduce body heat loss.

Folding stretcher

The emergency blanket is sturdy, lightweight, soft and malleable and can be used as a stretcher. The 200-pound person lying on the unfolded emergency blanket was completely fine. Six people picked up the four corners of the emergency blanket and the middle of the carpet. If it was not a collision, the emergency blanket would not be damaged. Of course, this stretcher is only a temporary measure for short-distance use. Pay attention to the synchronous operation when using, otherwise it will easily hurt the injured.

Tips and precautions of emergency blanket

Stringing up as a signal device – not too tight – so it creates movement in the wind and increases your chance of being seen.

Use as a strip to tie splints for broken or sprained bones. (Note: this was placed directly after the previous two for a reason.)

Use sticks and foil to create a cup and boil water. Hold over the flame but not so close that it burns the foil.

Build an outdoor refrigerator by wrapping food inside as a ball, tying off, then placing in a creek. (Weigh down the end of bag with rock to prevent from floating away)

Use in a shallow creek in a forest fire to make an air pocket to breath while the fire passes over. 

Use to make a food/bear cache by wrapping food in the blanket, tying with rope, tossing rope over a high branch, hoisting up, then tying off the other end.

Create a funnel by tying 4 sides and placing a container under to collect rain water.  Place a rock at bottom to keep a steady stream.

Use as a heat reflector to keep the warmth from a fire focused in your direction.

Use to make a food cache by wrapping food in the blanket, tying one end off with a rope and hoisting it up on a tree limb to get it high off the ground.

Use to line your shelter or tent to keep your body heat inside.

I believe that through this article, you should realize that the emergency blanket has a very important role, especially when you are in trouble, if you do not prepare the emergency blanket in advance, you will regret it. If you still don't understand, you can always ask us.

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