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What is the correct way to wrap a wound with a bandage
Home » News » First aid devices » What is the correct way to wrap a wound with a bandage

What is the correct way to wrap a wound with a bandage

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Thank you for your interest in our website. Today this article is very useful. We will introduce you to some methods of bandage wrapping and precautions. I hope this information can help your daily life.

Basic wrapping method for reel bandage

(1) The folding and wrapping method is used for areas where the upper and lower diameters are inconsistent. The method is to make a spiral bandage from bottom to top, and each circle should be folded down to cover 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the circle one by one.

(2) The circular dressing method is used for the beginning and the end of other forms of trimming. The method is to wrap the tape around the affected area for several weeks, covering the first week of the week, and finally cutting off the end of the bandage and attaching tape or tape

(3) Cross dressing method is used for wrist joints, ton bones, ball joints and other parts. The dressing method is to make a loop under the joint, then make a round belt in front of the joint, and then make a round belt in front of the joint.

(4) Snake or dressing. The tilt remains upwards and each circle does not cover. Pad material for fixing splint bandages

(5) The spiral winding method uses spiral winding from bottom to top, and each subsequent overlap covers 1/3 to 1 / 2 of the previous circle for packaging the palm and the foot.

Method of wrapping all parts of a reel bandage

(1) The method of erect ear packaging is supported by a double-eared gauze or a cylindrical material of a material, and then a short band on the ear is used on the back side, and the cut ends of each tape are in contact with each other. Inner support, then come. Finally, use the “8” to wrap your ears around the tape and pull them straight up.

(2) The vertical ear packaging method is suitable for small animals. A cotton pad is placed on the back side of the affected ear, the affected ear and the cotton pad are folded back and placed on the top of the head, and the inner ear auricle is filled with gauze. The bandage then extends from the insole of the ear to the back of the ear and extends down from the top of the neck to the affected ear and around the front of the ear.

Notes for Bandage Dressing

(1) Select a bandage of an appropriate width depending on the size and shape of the dressing site.

(2) Wet bandages should not be used for clinical treatment dressing, because wet cloth not only irritates the skin, but also easily causes infection. (3) The packaging should be fast and accurate, uniform in strength, loose and appropriate, avoiding a loose circle and a tight circle. The pressure should not be too big, but it should not be too loose.

(4) The limb bandages should be arranged from the lower part of the limbs according to the direction of venous blood flow to avoid stasis of the veins.

(5) The dressing should be beautiful, and the bandage should be smooth and wrinkle-free to avoid uneven compression. Cross or twist into a line, cover each circle as much as possible, and remove the active end of the bandage.

(6) The packaging should be properly fixed at the last end to avoid loosening. Long sticky mats are smoother, smoother and more comfortable than knotting.

(7) Despite the surgical treatment, wounds infected with tetanus or other anaerobic bacteria should not be bandaged.

(8) When removing the bandage, first loosen the fixed knot at the end and then loosen in the opposite direction with both hands. The unzipped part should be held in your hand, not stretched or dragged to the ground.

Through this article, I believe that you will be familiar with the use of bandages, I hope you have questions to consult us. You can pay more attention to our website for more information, or try our bandage products, we look forward to your suggestions.

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