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What is DRSABCD in first aid?
Home » News » First aid kit information » What is DRSABCD in first aid?

What is DRSABCD in first aid?

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If you come across someone who accidently fall down and lose his or her conscious, it is important for you to make the first aid for he(or she) timely. You might as well save a person after you doing this. So we are going to help you learn the first aid method of DRSABCD in this article.

DRSABCD is acronyms of several words, they stand for these separately:

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D- Danger. Ensure the area is safe for you, others and the patient.

R-Response. Check for response by asking his or her name, squeeze shoulders to make sure if the person is conscious. If the person respond you, make he or she comfortable and monitor response. But if the person doesn’t respond you, move to the next step.

S- Send for help. Call the ambulance or ask another person to make the call.

A –Airway. Open his or her mouth; make sure to place in recovery position and clear airway with fingers. Is the person’s airway clear? Is the person breathing?

B-Breathing. Look, listen, feel. Looking for chest movements (up and down), listen by putting your ear near to their mouth and nose, feel for breathing by putting your hand on the lower part of their chest. Check for the person’s breathing, if the person is normal breathing, place he (or she) in the recovery position and monitor breathing. If not, you may start CPR.

C-CPR .Start CPR, if an adult is unconscious and not breathing, make sure they are flat on their back and then place the heel of one hand in the centre of their chest and your other hand on top. Press down firmly and smoothly (compressing to one third of their chest depth) 30 times. Give two breaths. To get the breath in, tilt their head back gently by lifting their chin. Pinch their nostrils closed, place your open mouth firmly over their open mouth and blow firmly into their mouth. Keep going with the 30 compressions and two breaths at the speed of approximately five repeats in two minutes .Continue CPR until you help arrives or patient recovers.

D-Defibrillator. Defibrillators are available in many public places, clubs and organizations. Apply defibrillator if available and follow voice prompts. For unconscious adults who are not breathing, apply an automated external defibrillator (AED) if one is available. Some AEDs may not be suitable for children.

First aid is very important, with the above DRSABCD in first aid, you may save person next time when people suddenly lose conscious.

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