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The necessity and training of using a tourniquet
Home » News » First aid kit information » The necessity and training of using a tourniquet

The necessity and training of using a tourniquet

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Tourniquets weigh less than a pound. Medical experts say a tourniquet can stay on for as long as two to two-and-a-half hours without causing any longterm damage.

When it comes to care about for solutions to avoid mass murder by accident , this need to be offically encouraged to be make it into real by government, and the social organizations should offer fund to an awardee to develop a program and training curriculum to teach people how to use tourniquet.

Severe hemorrhage by immediate control with tourniquet , or simllar products like belts , strips of clothing etc, they are critical to reduce penetrating trauma mortality, some outdoor activities are taken as mostly casued maximum death and injury, in this case , we need EMS especially professional educators and trained officers to teach people how to use and try to save themselves when accient happens.

An course refer to  bleeding control should be designed for individual, who has little or without medical training  ,like most office workers or passing-by , but before the arrival of EMS, they may have the opportunity to take care of the victims of severe bleeding. Any EMS provider who completes this related course can become an instructor. In about an hour, the one  watched the bleeding control demonstration and completed two skill stations - tourniquet application and wound packaging.

People are prepared to save the lives of older people, and the Tourniquet Training Course is more likely to prepare young people to save their lives. Trauma - from a variety of sources - is the leading cause of death and injury to adolescents and young people. When a neighbor, friend or colleague is injured, nearby people are more likely to use bleeding control skills.

For the trauma training grant , in order to have maximum impact on saving lives from severe hemorrhage , we also need to ensure everything is under control, and we need to provide both sides security.

Before responders arrive, students trained to apply tourniquets have the chance to save the lives of their peers and others.

The School-Age Trauma Training grant aims to train teens on how to “assist victims with traumatic injuries” in emergency situations before responders arrive.

Immediate control of severe hemorrhage with tourniquets, as well as tourniquets improvised from materials at hand, like belts, strips of clothing and backpack straps, is critical to reducing mortality from penetrating trauma. Occupants inside soft targets, like schools, churches and stores and other public spaces, will always be vulnerable to well-armed gunmen intent on causing maximum death and injury. Preparing as many people as possible to move, escape or attack, along with lifesaving first aid skills, is sensible public policy.

Existing Bleeding Control Training

The Bleeding Control Course (BCon) is designed for individuals who have little or no medical training, like most high school students, but who may have the opportunity to care for a severe bleeding victim before EMS arrives. Any EMS provider who completes the BCon course can become a BCon instructor. In about an hour, students view a bleeding control presentation and complete two skill stations – tourniquet application and wound packing.

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