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The introduction of elastic bandage from Emsrun
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The introduction of elastic bandage from Emsrun

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The elastic bandage is extremely elastic and can be used to help with partial pressure. Elastic bandages are versatile and can play a significant role in sports medicine and orthopedics, as well as in the treatment of lymphedema and other venous diseases.

The elastic bandage is a protrusile bandage which can be used to help partial pressure. The elastic bandages are wildly used to treat muscle strain and tension by applying even stable pressure to reduce blood flow into a specific area, which can limit swelling of the injury site. Elastic bandages are also used to treat fractures. The stuffing is applied to the fractured limb and then a splint (usually plaster) is applied. Then clamp the splint with an elastic bandage and protect it. This is a very common technique for potentially expanding fractures, which can cause castings to malfunction. Mentioned types of splints are generally removed after the swelling is reduced and then a glass fiber or plaster model can be applied.

In addition to being used in sports medicine and plastic surgeons, elastic bandages are very popular in the treatment of lymphedema and other venous diseases. However, ACE compression wrap is not sufficient to treat lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency. They provide high resting compression and low activity compression. Among the treatments for lymphedema or other edema disorders, the more suitable applications for compression are TG shapes, tension shapes and compression stockings, or compression wraps for acute conditions or worsening. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists have special training and certification and can apply suitable compression wraps for edema and lymphedema. ACE is used as a body wrap to lose weight and to repair injured animals by veterinarians. These elastic bandages are often used as a method for breast transfer compression of the breast (although , this method of binding can definitely cause rib injury and bruising), for general dressing, action and men with unusually large or shaped chests to help produce more masculine Body shape.

Considering of the risk of latex allergy in the user, the elastic bandage’s original composition has been changed. Although some bandages are still made from latex, many woven and knitted elastic bandages provide the adequate compression without using natural rubber or latex. Modern elastic bandages consist of cotton, polyester together with latex-free elastic yarns. In the  way of varying the ratio of cotton, polyester and elastic yarns within the bandage, Emsrun can provide various levels of compression and durability in their packaging. An aluminum or stretchable clip is often used to wrap the bandage around the wound.Emsrun also has  elastic bandages which using Velcro closures to fix and stabilize the package.

At last, the elastic bandages should not be confused with compression therapy devices which is designed for intravenous edema management or lymphedema management purposes. This device is specifically designed to provide progressive compression from the ankle to the knee to assist with venous return.

Therefore, the elastic bandages from Emsrun are extremely flexible and can be adapted to a variety of customer needs by varying the ratio of cotton, polyester and elastic yarns in the elastic bandage to suit various levels of compression and durability.

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