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How to use POLOPA medical first aid kits to reduce injuries
Home » News » First aid devices » How to use POLOPA medical first aid kits to reduce injuries

How to use POLOPA medical first aid kits to reduce injuries

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The life-threatening dangers caused by car accidents have always been scary. Many people have been injured or even lost their lives in car accidents. In fact, there is no way to do it at the time of the accident. You can also take some first aid measures. The POLOPA medical kit is a medical kit specially designed for this situation, which can help those wounded in emergencies get rid of life threats.

Since the car was invented, it has played a very important role in passenger transportation, logistics, and shelter. However, while bringing convenience to humans, fast-moving cars have also caused many traffic accidents, causing personal injury and even death.

According to our experience in daily life, we must start with prevention to ensure the safety of driving. At the same time, after a traffic accident, emergency rescue measures should be taken quickly to reduce secondary damage and save lives.

In the emergency rescue process, the correct use of emergency rescue equipment such as the POLOPA medical emergency kit can effectively reduce the secondary damage caused by traffic accidents, improve survival opportunities, and save the lives of injured people.

The medical first aid kit is equipped with various first aid supplies such as saline, gauze, bandages, medical tape, medical scissors, medical gloves, alcohol swabs, band-aids, safety pins, medical applicators, medical masks, thermometers and manuals. wait. These different tools have different uses:

1. Gauze. The role is to bandage the wound.

2. Medical scissors. This role is to cut gauze or bandages.

3. Salt water. The purpose is to clean the wound. To ensure cleanliness, the remaining salt water should be discarded after opening the bottle and should not be placed in the first aid kit. If you are running out of normal saline, you can use clean distilled water or mineral water instead.

4. Bandages. The bandage is divided into a reel bandage and a triangular bandage, which are separately wrapped and fixed. Ordinary reel bandages are primarily intended to further wrap the gauze to prevent rapid blood flow. The triangular bandage is mainly used to fix the injured arm and avoid sagging. When using a bandage, do not tie the neck or collarbone. Knotted with a flat knot.

5. Safety pin. The effect is a fixed reel bandage and a triangular bandage.

6. Band-Aid. The purpose is to dress small wounds.

7. Medical tape. This character is fixed gauze.

8. Alcohol swabs. Its role is to disinfect hands and first aid tools.

9. Medical rubber gloves. Its role is to treat wounds or contact non-skin contact environments, avoiding cross-infection of microorganisms such as bacteria and mold.

10. Medical applications. Medical applications are medical dressings consisting of medical tapes, absorbent pads and barrier films. It is easy to carry and use. It is mainly used for wound care and medical catheter fixation.

11. Thermometer. This function is to measure body temperature, preferably an electronic thermometer, because the electronic thermometer has the advantages of fast measurement speed and not easy to break.

12. Medical masks. Filters particles in the air, blocking water droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions.

Although the POLOPA medical first aid kit has good functions, it must be used correctly to achieve twice the effect. In order to achieve good traffic accident rescue effects, the following points should be noted when preserving and using the medical first aid kit:

1. Medical ambulances and their internal items should not be exposed to sunlight or rain, and should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

2. In traffic accidents, some people may have fractures. When you are on the scene, you should carry the injured person scientifically. Do not move the injured person's body casually, otherwise it will cause more damage. At the same time as an emergency ambulance, you should seek help from the hospital in a timely manner.

3. Pay attention to the shelf life of ambulance items, do not use expired products.

4. All items such as saline and thermometer should be fixed in the medical box. Otherwise, some items may be damaged by a collision.

5. For those who are unconscious and have abnormal breathing, artificial respiration should be performed. In order to prevent cross-infection of microorganisms, artificial respiration can be performed with a pocket mask or an artificial respirator.

6. Some people are allergic to alcohol, iodine and so on. These ambulances are not allowed.

After a long period of continuous research, POLOPA medical first aid kits have been used in hospitals, families, nursing homes, etc., reducing the death and injury rate in accidents and effectively improving the recovery rate of the wounded and sick.

I hope to understand the POLOPA medical first aid kit. If you have an accident, you can calmly and correctly handle it. Self-help is also a skill. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to our website. We will publish relevant information frequently. Information, if you have any questions, you can also consult me.

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