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How to distinguish different types of bandages
Home » News » First aid devices » How to distinguish different types of bandages

How to distinguish different types of bandages

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Bandages are very common in our daily lives. With bandages, we can handle some bruises easily, so it's important to understand the types of bandages and how to use them. This is a detailed explanation.

Reel bandage

A reel bandage, commonly referred to as a bandage or reel, is a long strip of cloth that is cut into strips and rolled up with a bandage machine or hand.

Tape and reel type:

According to its production materials, it can be divided into gauze bandages , cotton bandages, elastic bandages and tapes.

(1) Elastic bandage is an elastic mesh fabric with a soft texture and stretchable after bandage. It can be used in the event of burns and joint damage. It does not stick to the skin or hair, so it does not feel uncomfortable when removed.

(2) Cotton bandages are made of natural colored cotton. The raw material is thick, the washing resistance is strong, the applied pressure is not deformed or broken, and it is suitable for fixing the splint, limbs and the like.

(3) Gauze bandage is a bandage that requires clinical selection and has various specifications. The length is generally 6 meters and the width is 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 cm. The gauze has a soft grade, uniform pressure and low price. The disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle and fall off when used.

(4) Tape is an essential material for packaging. Most tapes are currently made of porous tape. After covering the dressing, a cloth is applied to the dressing and skin to secure. You can also use gauze or cotton bandages before wrapping them with tape.

Bandage bracket

A stent bandage is a support device that can be used as a dressing for a bandage. The stent bandage has the function of preventing friction, protecting the wound and keeping the wound quiet and ventilated. The aluminum rod of the stent is made according to the length and thickness of the limb. The stent bandage on the top and back of the human body is an arched metal stent wrapped in gauze.

Splint bandage

It can be divided into temporary splint bandages and prefabricated splint bandages.

Temporary splint bandages are commonly used for emergency treatment of fractures and joint dislocations and can be used in plywood, flat, bamboo and tree techniques. Preformed splint bandages can be used as brakes for long periods of time, usually made of wire, sheet metal, wood. However, whether it is a temporary splint bandage or a prefabricated splint bandage, it consists of various fixing materials for the inner layer, the splint and the liner.

For the splint bandage method, use a thicker cotton cloth, a cotton gauze pad or a dip pad, such as a serpentine or a fixed spiral dressing, and then use plywood. The splint is simultaneously fixed to the upper and lower joints of the length of the crack as needed, and the ends of the splint are prevented from being damaged in the gasket material.

Seeing this, we believe that you have a new understanding of the main types, characteristics and scope of bandages, but this information is not enough, please pay attention to our next article, we will further explain the bandage.

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