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Band-aid introduction
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Band-aid introduction

Views:47     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-02      Origin:Site

Material of the Band-aid: PE plastic waterproof material

Specifications of the Band-aid: 72*19mm (1.9cm wide, 7.2cm long)

Advantage of the Band-aid

Band-Aid can suppress hemostasis, protect wounds, prevent infection and promote healing. At the same time, it has the advantages of small size, simple use, convenient carrying, good ventilation performance and reliable efficacy. It is very convenient to carry in a box, and it is suitable for home travel.

When you need use the Band-aid?

1: Repairing glasses: When climbing a mountain, sometimes it is a very tricky thing if the glasses are broken. There is no suitable thing to repair in the wild. At this time, you can use the band-aid to help.

2: The role of repair: In the wild, if the tent is not scratched, there is a down sleeping bag. If it is broken, it is very troublesome. You can use it to fix it.

3: When the funnel: When we add water in the field, we can use a band-aid to roll into a funnel, and then use the mesh in the middle of the band-aid as a filter paper, which can play a filtering role.

4: Prevent motion sickness: Slice the ginger and then stick it on the navel with a band-aid. It can prevent the motion sickness.

5: Pain and pain: When your fingers are dry, you can remove the mesh in the middle of the band-aid and wrap it around your fingers to relieve the pain.

6: Prevent grinding feet: When wearing new shoes, when you wear foot, or when you need to go a long way, it is best to have some band-aids in the bag. If necessary, you can stick it on the parts that are vulnerable to wear. Avoid hurting your feet.

What the applied scope of the Band-aid

The wounds are superficial, the wounds are neat and clean, and there are few bleedings that do not require suturing.

What the composition structure of the Band-aid

The wound stick is mainly composed of PE waterproof tape and absorbent pad.

How you to control the dosage of the Band-aid

Tear off the package, apply the middle absorbent pad to the wound, then remove the cover film at both ends and secure the position with tape. It is recommended to change every day.

Here is the brief industruction of the Band-aid, hope to solve your confuse.

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